Hi My name is Jem!

I am a 29 year old lady living in Brooklyn, NY
Orignally from Florida, but I have lived all over, and hope to one day find a place to call home.

I play ukulele under the name 'Jemibook' for four years now, and have three completed albums!

I create zines with my running title 'Lolita' I am up to 5 issues, and I also have other zines as well.

I love playing dress-up and changing my hair style WAY too much.

Cooking and baking are something I do everyday with great pleasure. I am currently a vegetarian but I have been vegan-raw before and am always interested in learning more about nutrition.

I am always getting myself into some new hobby and love collaborating with other goal-oriented people

You can check me out on these other websites:


Thanks for checking out my page!


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