Sept 1st already?

So August has come and gone and it was way too crazy - especially the last week. Somehow we made it out of last week - we moved and are into our new place. I got in my first bike accident the week before and have been so out of it since then. I finally got full-time at my job and am working towards a new position hopefully! I have been so inspired lately but haven't feel like I had any real time to get anything done the last month which really bummed me out. So I'm hoping September will slow down a bit more so I can get back to being more creative more often. 

We are pretty much moved into the new place - but unfortunately my new desk I got off craigslist won't be able to be affixed to the wall in our craft room so I have to buy a set-of-drawers to set it on - so hopefully that will happen this week - because I am dying to get settled in there! 

Here are some insta posts that have been inspiring me lately.

And here is some of what has been going on - Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blue because I needed a pick-me-up after my bike accident left me severely bruised and cut up!

Instagram Fav + what's up August.

Well - this month hasn't quite turned out like I had hoped for. I haven't been able to get one thing done with my challenge I made. hah. I did so well the month before. But the beginning of the month we were hard-core looking for a new place to live. We have to move out of our current place because the rent is going up and we are trying to save up to get a house in the next couple of years so we decided to move out and get a room-mate to help this.

Luckily for us -one of my old co-workers was moving out so we teamed up with her and found a new huge spot that is a lot closer towards manhattan than our currently place - 6 stops actually. That cuts a lot off of all of our commutes so we are super stoked about that - plus each of our rooms are huge and we have a separate craft room as well!

So that was the beginning of the month - then I finally got more hours at work, and I have been trying to do more summer things before it's over and I'm crying again about the weather - we finally had a picnic, I went to a Vegan Expo with george, started a movie date idea, my little brother and step dad visited and we went to central park and the national history museum. Lots other little things sprinkled in there - I have been trying to keep up somewhat with my creative bits - and I finally finished reading The GoldFinch - which I was disappointed with the ending - and kind of sad I spent so much time reading it - when it really wasn't that good. Oh, well.

I've got a couple more books in my queue to go through currently. One on domesticity and then I'm going to read one on vegan pregnancy - because some lady at work inspired me to read up on it for later.

I'm a lavender / pink haired lady again! Was very happy when my work gave me the A-ok! I always feel more like myself with colored hair.

I will be happy when we move out and are settled in a new place. This place ended up holding a lot of  odd memories for me - I am always up for starting fresh in a new place. Plus we are investing in a new bed and mattress! It will be our first NEW one together!

Anyways - here are some things that have been inspiring me on Instagram lately :

^^^^ Crafty Inspiration ^^^^

^^^^ Style Inspiration ^^^^
^^^^ Gardening Inspiration ^^^^

And lastly a few pics of my old man and I the past month.

International Zine Month (Day 29) : Zine Collection Photo.

Day 29 : Post photo of you with your zine or zine collection.

So this has been kind of a tradition for me to pose with my zines for the photos on etsy where I sell them. It all started with Lolita Issue 1 :

I wanted to dress up like one of the girls that I had illustrated in the zine.

Lolita Issue 2 was all about panda's and I made a little panda mask to wear for this photoshoot!

Lolita Issue 4 was my Raw food issue.

Lolita Issue 5 was all about Robert Downey Jr. !

The 15 - a zine I did on 15 different topics. 

I loe you! - zine I did with different date ideas.

I haven't done a photoshoot for one of my zines since I first moved to NYC nearly 4 years ago. It's high time I get to it!

International Zine Month : (Day 28) : Cook a recipe from a Zine.

Day 28 : Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!

Yesterday I did cook - I made Vegan Sushi bowls - which prompted my very meat eating boyfriend to add it to his Vegan list of repeat meals he wants me to make.

I cook at least 4-5 days out of the week for us - I mostly use recipes that I find from pinterest since that's the easiest for me to access when I am in the kitchen - but I do have a nice collection of vegan / gluten-free or raw cookbooks in my collection.

As for my zine cookbook collection I only have these two :

Banarachy Now ! : The further vegetarian adventures of soyboi and friends. Made in 2011 it's a really well put together zine - has the obviously different sections - tools that you would need - tips - etc. I don't know if I've ever cooked anything from it but I can't bare to part with it.

The Easy Vegan Zine : by Kendy from is a very simple very straightforward zine about simple recipes to cook that are all vegan. Great for someone just starting out!

Here are some things I've cooked in the past couple weeks/months:

Also if you are on pinterest and want to follow my recipes or find any of the recipes above check here :


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