International Zine Month (Day 22) : Send your zine to a zine library.

Day 22 : Send your Zine to a zine library.

As already noted in Day 21 I have most all of my zines at the Barnard Zine Library here in NYC.

So today I decided I would post about the zine mail/trades I have received since the last post.

The first is from (Day 3) Challenge : Order from a zine Distro. I chose and my order got lost in paypal but the owner graciously remedied the situation and let me order a couple of other zines for free to make up for it! So here is my lot from that order

The second is a zine trade from (Day 13) challenge. I traded with the amazing Sarah McNeil ( and received these lovely goodies. She prints a lot on a risograph which I have always been interested in because it looks so beautiful!

The third was a zine trade with Jennibelle ( Who makes amazing handmade journaling supplies as well as zines! A girl after my own heart! I was stoked when she said she would trade! Also it came in this super colorful and fun packaging! 

Snail mail is kind of an addiction to me. Receiving mail gives me such a high!

International Zine Month (Day 21) : Zine Library Day

Day 21 : International Zine Library Day! : Visit your local zine library!

I have been meaning to visit the Barnard Zine Library which is the only library that has ALMOST all of my zines (they are just missing I Loe You) and I may have to head over there after my wednesday therapy since they are having an event :

I've actually never participated in a zine event other than zine fests - but have always wanted to start my own. So it might be fun to do something like this - plus the 23rd is a 'make a one page zine' day so that would fit in quite well!

Today I have work so I can't head over today - but I will leave you with some recent crafty purchases :

p.s. I get almost all of my crafty supplies off of ebay or amazon these days - SO much cheaper than anywhere else I found. I usually only search auctions that are $5 and under to limit myself as well! 

International Zine Month (Day 20) Free Zine Day!

Day 20 : Free Zine Day : Give away a copy of your zine.

The day is here for one lucky instagram follower to win a free copy of any one of my zines. Head on over to my post and be the lucky one to comment with your email address and I will send you a free copy of one of my zines in the mail!

My first zine review via One Minute Zine Reviews DJ Fredrick

". . . .So ... dear readers in zineland ... please do not send me zines like Kiss and Tell Volume 2 for review - you're wasting postage. One of the last things I want to spend my time reading or writing about is a poorly written, narcissistic expose of someone's so-called sexual adventures, or lack thereof."

I have to say that ever since I started Kiss & Tell and my other blog Goldicocks (which is a blog based off of my sexual experiences) I've never had anyone with this view. I would like to say that it's because of the people who find it are generally interested in it. But I generally write the stories very tongue-in-cheek or at least with obvious humor intended for the reader.

I could go on further with my rebuttal of this review but honestly I think DJ Fredrick is probably right - I didn't know his reviewing style or what he was interested in before sending him my zine for review - I kind of just blindly sent it to him because on his website it said he reviewed zines?

Instagram Likes

Amazing colorful fashion - as always.

Random inspiring images.

Art and Planner addiction to it's fullest!

International Zine Month (Day 19) : Zine Shop Appreciation Day

Day 19 : Zine Shop Appreciation Day

Well this one seems vague enough to me that I decided to do a post on the zine trades I've received since starting this Zine Month Challenge.

Amazing package from Steven and Dierdree with their split zine 1997: A Teen Queen Time Capsule

Package from Laura-Marie with Gardening is for Eaters

I have more to come - but mostly from out of the states so it will take awhile to get here - hopefully not before the zine month is over though! We are over halfway through now!

International Zine Month (Day 18) Order from a Different Distro

Day 18 : Order from a different zine distro than normal.

I had a hard time finding a distro that carried zines I was interested in - Also I wish more distro's cataloged the zines by topic instead of by the title. I usually just search by a topic I'm interested in learning about - unless someone has recommend a specific zine to me and it sounds interesting.

I ended up ordering from Last Word Press :

About Last Word Press:

Last Word Press is located in Olympia, WA in the catacombs of Last Word Books. Last Word is more than a bookstore, more than the four walls that contain it. Those nattering naboobs of negativity have long declared the death of the printed word, but we refuse to let that happen. Using an antique letterpress, offset presses and digital copiers we are slowly cobbling together the foundations of a publishing empire. 

More than ever we believe in the need to invest in the traditions and habits of the printed word, to give voice to the lives and livelihood of a life that cannot be captured in pixels alone, a life that is more than the sum of its reading. With each our own story to tell we must capture that illusive spirit that lives between the lines and after the closing of the book of our days, where we all live past dreams and remembrances of things past.

I ordered this zine : A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance by an anonymous writer. 

I have been wanting to learn more about how to fix up my bike just incase something happens while I'm out on the road - because as it stands I am absolutely clueless on any bicycle maintenance. I hope that this will shed some light on the mystery for me!

International Zine Month (Day 17) Review a Zine

Day 17 : Review a zine online or write a review to share.

I love these challenges because they make me break into parts of zine-culture that I have never partaken in before. Such as zine-reviewing.

I've chosen to review 'Healing your Magical Body with Plants and Minerals' by jo-jo sherrow

As a person who is always looking for a natural way to heal any ailment I loved the idea of this zine.

Firstly I will say that I love the illustrations throughout the zine and that it is completely hand-written as well - which is something I usually do in my zines.

It is very well laid out and contains a table of contents and bibliography - which is quite professional in my opinion.

She goes through the entire body - each system and body part and gives you recipes / tips for herbs to use to help certain ailments.

As a woman I liked the pages about how to help cramps naturally because I always preemptively just pop an aleve before I get those life altering pains every month.

She explains how to use tinctures - how to makes your own, as well as infused oils, herbal infusions, and aromatherapy. She presents them in an easy concise way - so you can get started right away. These are all things I have been interested in for awhile but always felt so daunted by trying to develop my own for at home use. I feel like I can get started making my own with her directions.

I feel that Jo-Jo does an excellent job presenting the material expected in this manual and I am happy to have it in my collection - and would highly recommend it to anyone just starting out with natural healing - or interested in it! It's a great resource to have in the home.

You can buy your own copy here on her etsy!

International Zine Month (Day 16) Zine Consideration

Day 16 : Send your zine to a distro for consideration

I've never sent my zine to an online distro to be sold - but I have had my zine consigned at some local stores in Minneapolis a couple years back.

I chose these two Distro's to send a copy of Lolita Issue 3 for consideration :

Antiquated Future :

I've ordered some zines from them before and thought of them for considering my zine in their store.

Parcel Press :

I've never heard of them - but like that they are in Philadelphia, I love it there and I've picked up a couple of comics there while visiting.

International Zine Month (Day 15) Leave a Zine

Day 15 : Leave a zine in public for someone else to find.

I used to do this all the time when I first started making zines back in 2008. I would leave them on park benches - at libraries - pinned to coffee shop boards. So it was nice to have an opportunity to do it again.

I chose to drop one off in the holds section at the Washington / Irving branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Get a free copy of Lolita Issue 3 if you are in the area!


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